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Pictures from a stroll..

cornerThere are so many different styles of homes in the West End- from Traditional brick, Victorian and my favorite the Craftsman Bungalow… I thought this was a cute one- corner property (I love corner properties for some reason) I like how the stairs and path curve to the entrance of the home…

You will find very LARGE homes in the West End/ Westview area as well. I can think of plenty to do with all this space….


This multifamily unit reminded me of the homes in Crown-Heights, Brooklyn- NY. Easy access to Marta! Right at their door!Multif Family- Crown Heights appeal

Many were for sale, and you can tell that they were once lived in and loved. I have to keep myself for coveting them all- if I could, I’d buy them all. lol… but that would be very selfish, since I couldn’t possible enjoy them AND my home… I hope we get some worthy owners very soon.

Did you know about the Westview Lofts? West End / Westview Lofts Westview Lofts

I stumbled on them when I walked up Lucile… towards E. Ontario. It looks as if they are in the beginning stages of building a very nice mixed use area-new shops are on the way… and a cute coffee/book store….

This church was also on the corner Church Now I must find the time to go to the Lush Life Jazz lounge… food and Live Jazz, two of my favorite things 🙂

Lush Life So much to see in the West End… too bad it’s getting colder. I guess I’ll have to bundle up on my walks, but I look forward to seeing the West End in the winter and the changes the season brings to the scenery.


Nia Knowles

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2 thoughts on “Pictures from a stroll..”

  • Patrick

    October 14, 2007 at 5:27 am

    Hey! Its so great to see people excited about our neighborhood, but I wanted to point out that Westview is a completely different neighborhood than West End. All of the pictures you posted are from Westview. West End is our lovely neighbor to the east. We have our own neighborhood association and are totally seperate from WEND. Check out our website for more info on what’s happening in the area.

  • niaknowles

    October 14, 2007 at 3:53 pm

    Thank you so much Patrick for your comment! Many of my photo’s will not only be of the Historic District of the West End , but of all the neighborhoods in the west end. I did make a notation on the post of Westview, since it is a neighborhood in the west end of Atlanta (please correct me if it is not considered to be in the west end of Atlanta. I am still trying to find out when all these hidden gems were officially designated neighborhoods 🙂 ).
    However, just as the Historic District of the West End, Westview also needs more residents that will appreciate the their uniqueness 🙂 and I will be highlighting that area as well on this site.
    I’ll have to add a Westview’s link to the side bar,an official neighborhood site.

    Are you also apart of the NPU-T? If so, I hope to meet you at the next meeting. I’d love any additional information you can provide about your neighborhood.

    Thanks again!

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