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The 7 Hot Home Trends That Might Not Be Right For You

Written by Jaymi Naciri on Sunday, 12 April 2015 8:43 am

The idea of being on trend is appealing to most people, but that doesn’t mean every trend is right for everyone. Here are seven hot trends you might want to think twice about incorporating into your home.

1. Open floorplans

Take down those walls! Unless you’re a person who likes a little privacy, in which case, keep a few up! Open living areas that create more of a great room are still the preferred layout by today’s buyers, however loft-like spaces that create one big open room—sometimes without private bedrooms—may have hit a wall, so to speak.

“In the last few years, open floorplans have met coolness from tastemakers and buyers alike,” said the New York Observer. “Even the ‘loftiest’ new construction closes off a study or media room, brokers say, while the full complement of sprawling bedrooms, baths and dressing rooms is now de rigeur in luxury construction no matter your floorplan.”

2. Quartz countertops

Sleek and shiny, quartz has been gaining on granite in terms of popularity over the last few years and is a designer favorite. But if you’re in a neighborhood where buyers discard everything but “real” stone, be careful when upgrading your countertops. Buyers are finicky, and some will outright reject a home because features like quartz countertops seem too modern for their traditional tastes.

3. Open shelving

Watch HGTV or any of the multitude of design shows on TV, and you’ll see how open shelving in the kitchen is a growing trend. While the look is fresh and creates more of an open space feel, this form of shelving may not be practical for everyone (read: anyone without beautiful dishes, anyone with young kids, anyone who doesn’t like the idea of dust hitting their cereal bowls).

4. Gray everything

Gray has taken over the design world. It’s on walls, on floors, on furniture, on counters and cabinets. It’s easy to get sucked into the cool chic aura of the hue and find yourself wanting to gray everything. But that could be a big mistake.

“Use grey to decorate your space from top to bottom, and it’ll not only be trying too hard to be trendy, it’ll also be just bad,” said interior designer Maria Killam. “If you walk into a room and the first thing you notice is GREY, that’s a room decorated entirely in a trendy neutral. It’s too much, and will date very quickly.”

PicMonkey Collage

5. Barn Doors

Are they useful? Yes. Do they look snazzy? You betcha? Are they space-saving solutions for a lot of areas that seek privacy but can’t take a swinging door? Well, yes, they are. But they are also a trend that may leave you feeling the pain of a specific design choice stuck in a time warp in a few years. If you’re the type that likes to change things up every few years—great. If the thought of having to re-jigger this architectural element once it’s no longer in style stresses you out, maybe a barn door isn’t for you. (Also See: Trend Alert: Barn Doors)

6. Black cabinets

Yes, they seem sexy and they are certainly a departure from the bright, white kitchens we have been seeing for the past few years. But while white cabinets are classic—even if overused—black cabinets may not stand the test of time. Plus, if your kitchen isn’t flooded with light, all that black can make your kitchen look more like a cave.

7. Subway tiles

They have origins back to 1904 in New York City’s, hence the name, and the “classic” description we so often hear. Long term, the “long-lasting, good-looking material” as HGTV puts it bodes well for kitchens and bathrooms. The danger is in creating a space that looks like everyone else’s space. This is precisely why we’re now seeing subway tiles used in different ways—in vertical applications, with dark grout, or in a herringbone pattern. Something to consider if you’re still in love with the material but want to use it in a less common way.

SOURCE: Realty Times, http://goo.gl/kD0FNO


Nia Knowles

Realtor, Community Advocate, Mother, Leader, Innovative Thinker, Idea Generator,

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