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A unique disorder…

Those of you who know me, and follow me, know that I live in a fixer-upper.  I’ve had it for 3years and have been “renovating” for 3 years.   I’ve been painting for 3 years and well, deciding on a paint color for 3 years ….

I have never known myself to be this indecisive as I have been during these past THREE YEARS.

What’s the issue and hold up?  It could be a mental block, fear or  phobia but I think the problem is what I call- “HGTV Syndrome” .

Being a Real Estate agent, *insert cape with SUPER “R” on my back*, I thought I was immune to this disorder. After all, I do go out with buyers day in/ out and get to hear rejects on great homes. (I’d love that home, if it weren’t for the paint in the 4th guest bedroom that we will never use)   🙂

Certainly I could understand how easy it is to paint- and paint again if I don’t like the outcome.  However, after careful investigation (and not wanting to accept any accountability) I have come to the conclusion that I too may have this unique disorder brought on by watching too many images of ideal, picture perfect- “TV” homes.

I view a minimum of 40 houses a day ( combo of in person and online).  In my down time  I explore home catalogs, view Houzz.com, houses on pinterest or get images from clients via email as they complete their renovations. Then I sit(lay) on my couch and allow HGTV folks to tell me how to “spruce up my home” for the New Year- which always includes a shopping spree of pillows and knick knacks no one want to fluff or dust.  Then I have one person telling me “Grey” is the new “Black” and “Ruby Red Grapefruit” is the new “IT” color for walls…. or another person telling me how to crash my yard in a weekend and add a pond (yes, my unfinished pond project  is still in my front yard- but at least no longer upside down).

Naturally I have no idea which way to go!

For 2014,  I am vowing to shut it off. I will sit in my home quietly (someone take my kids, please) and I will reconnect with myself and home. I will recall what I like and what will make ME happy to come home to, because as I’ve come to realize- HGTV will always have something new to sell and usually those homes do NOT look like that once the camera is off and people are LIVING.

Let’s complete some projects this year! #NoMoreHGTVSyndrome


Nia Knowles

Realtor, Community Advocate, Mother, Leader, Innovative Thinker, Idea Generator,

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