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Home Style:American Craftsman

The American Craftsman style, or the American Arts and Crafts movement, is an American domestic architectural, interior design, landscape design, applied arts, and decorative arts style and lifestyle philosophy that began in the last years of the 19th century. As a comprehensive design and art movement it remained popular into the 1930s. However, in decorative […]

An Uptown couple converts two former shipping containers into an eco-friendly modern home

SOURCE: NOLA.com By Patricia M. Murret on March 11, 2015 at 10:59 AM, updated March 11, 2015 at 11:43 AM Steel shipping containers are used to crate cargo up and down the Mississippi River and around the world. The Port of New Orleans is filled with the massive steel boxes. Three years ago, one young […]

The problem with being a Real Estate agent

…you begin to see house details in EVERYTHING.  I can never watch TV Commercials, sitcoms, drama or anything with a house the same.  Often I find myself looking beyond the actors-not following the series and looking at the characteristics their set (which in some cases are real houses).  Here is a commercial today that caught […]

A tease…

I’m very excited about the work my client has done to her home, but a bit nervous about the ‘Copper’.. I am being teased by receiving only bits and pieces of the installed work , but from what I see- it’s a show stopper! I was getting a bit tired of hearing buyer say “I […]

Copper Counter Tops?

Selling a home today is a challenge.  Selling a home with custom details is EVEN MORE a challenge.  Today people prefer to keep things simple and run with the crowd.  HGTV say’s ” Granite” is the way to go.  The crowd buys Granite and all MOST buyers look for it in a home or think […]

Cost vs Value

Each year Remodeling Magazine publishes a report regarding the cost of remodeling and the most likely return on the investment.   www.costvsvalue.com