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Mortgage Lenders

I’m always asked “Are you closing anything in this market?- Are your buyers getting funding?” Thankfully I can say ” YES, YES,YES”!… I owe this to the wonderful, hardworking, knowledgable lenders I continue to work with.   If you are considering buying a home, your first step will be to obtain a Pre-Qualification letter. I suggest contacting a few […]

NOW is the time to buy!

I went to an agent seminar tonight  to hear a discussion on the shift in our market. We discussed buyer hesitancy and their expectations of prices lowering and “getting a better deal”.  This made all us agents LOL because a few years ago buyers were buying just because (when the market was terribly over priced) without […]

InTown Atlanta Editor

It was brought to my attention, at our W.E.N.D meeting yesterday that a managing editor (Collin Kelley) for INtown Atlanta newspaper labeled our side of intown as “GRIM”.  I was disappointed to hear this, and  had to read it for myself before getting upset. On page 21 he outlines the BeltLine Map with comments on what was observed on a […]

Getting a Mortgage Tougher for Buyers

Difficulty in landing a mortgage is keeping many buyers out of the market.At the peak of the housing boom, about 20 percent of the mortgage market was subprime, and nearly 20 percent was “Alt-A loans” or “A-minus” loans, typically offered those with good credit but with high debt-to-loan ratios or little or no proof of […]

Tell the truth..

do I need new music on my site? I received an email stating that my music is really “boring” and I needed something more upbeat ?? What do you think? Time for a change? – and if so, any suggestions? …

The Worst Cities for Commuters

Commuters in America’s most crowded cities spend hours in their automobiles hoping traffic will clear. To determine the nation’s most congested city, Forbes examined traffic in the 75 largest metro areas, calculating which ones logged the longest commuting times and the longest delays. The magazine examined data from made available by the Texas Transportation Institute, […]

Why Are Short Sales So Troublesome?

Short sales seem like a win-win for everyone involved, but as real estate professionals know, short sales can be hard to pull off. It can take months for the mortgage company to respond to an offer, and the lender or lenders often balk at the price. Why doesn’t the process go more smoothly when it […]

What’s going on in West End…Westview?

…many new developments. Westview collected money for their street toppers. This is very exciting! Now you will see “Westview” when driving through their community and no more mistaking their homes for West End homes 🙂 I know the neighbors are very proud. I’m very proud and have happily contributed to the purchase of a street […]