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It’s official…

my picture taking skills are horrible…that or I had too much of  the spiked punch. Either way- I need to stay away from the camera at parties..lol

The West End Holiday party was one for the records! I  hear about how wonder it was, while at the  library, walking down the street and grocery store…    It was great to see the many NEW residents AND community pioneers mix and mingle in the Rayburns lovely home.   I can not imagine what our pioneers felt- those who have been here 15,20,30 years!  The emotions and words expressed to me by a few of them were indescribable. A community over looked is being more then revitalized by new  homes…but new life has been injected  into it.. souls that too, feel this is their destined location. And people driven to keeping our gem known- but exclusive to those with vision.

Where to begin… I guess I will start where I ended at the party- in the  Bathroom. No- NOT TO DO THAT.. but to join the discussion being held by at least 15 people in the bathroom over a Bidet and how to work it.  We were all enlightened by our host, Sara- as  she gracefully did the Beyonce “drop it like it’s hot” bounce  demonstration over it .. LOL… hilarious!  So not only do I want a bathroom like that- I need to take some “drop it”  lessons.  This hotel/spa like retreat was amazing… you’d never find me if I had a bathroom like that- and only then will I be able to understand people taking books/papers with them lol

Food, drinks and desserts were plenty- just what you want at a party..however, I did hear because the drinks did not run out and lasted until  4AM- so did some of the people! This was a 7-11PM Party … 4AM John??? LOL But our hosts were gracious and as they opened their home to the neighborhood- some meeting for the first time, some not officially residents-  they opened their hearts and let the party continue. (I wish I could have stayed, but good sitters are rare and I did not want to take advantage of the hospitality of my neighbor and their friend.. I thought I was doing good at 10:30 lol) but the party was just warming up!

Carl Ness, our current West End Neighborhood Development president gave a nice short and sweet speech- passing on the torch to Vonda Henry the 2009 President elect.   As usually Mary Norwood represented, Ceasar Mitchell  and Myrna Fuller from the Merchants Coalition came armed and ready with camera crew to document this event.

It was wonderful for me, as an agent, to look around a room and see many of the people I helped to find their home. Watching them really enjoy  and again confirming that they had  made the right decision in moving to our community.  It makes all the hard work worth it, and thinking back- I guess I”m feeling a little like Carl.  While the West End is actively looking for residents- we do not want just ANYONE!   We have our own little society, our own little world- and if it means we continue to be over looked by most in ATL- then hey– we are only over looked by those who lack vision, and those who probably would bring down our party!

Here are some pictures!


Nia Knowles

Realtor, Community Advocate, Mother, Leader, Innovative Thinker, Idea Generator,

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