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Area West Realty agents hold an array of Real Estate Certifications to meet our client needs. Continuing Education is priority as we seek to guide our Clients and help make the most important decisions for their lives.

Ericka Brooks-Lallis

Ericka Brooks-Lallis Realtor

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Kelly Rambo

Kelly Rambo Realtor

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Monique Chappill

Monique Chappill Realtor , Area West Realty

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Brittany Hardy

Brittany Hardy Realtor , Area West Realty

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Carolyn Warmack

Carolyn Warmack Realtor

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Lauren L. Wilson

Lauren L. Wilson Realtor

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Mia Fairly

Mia Fairly Realtor

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Lynnise “Nia” George

Lynnise “Nia” George Realtor

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Jerilyn Lewis

Jerilyn Lewis Realtor

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