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Neighborhoods and Districts of Atlanta: Mechanicsville

Mechanicsville is a neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. It sits in the shadow of both downtown Atlanta and Turner Field.

The neighborhood is bounded by:

Mechanicsville is in NPU V.

Mechanicsville is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Atlanta. The neighborhood sprang up in the late 19th century, adjacent to several railroad lines just south of downtown. The name “Mechanicsville” comes from the “mechanics” that worked on the railway lines. It was once a vibrant multiethnic community with working class blacks and middle class whites, and home to several prominent merchant families, including the Rich family, of department store fame. Mechanicsville was established in 1870. The mural in the background displays this information from an artists work.

Its decline was caused by urban renewal, migration to the suburbs, and the construction of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium and the nearby interstate highways. The city of Atlanta has targeted the area for revitalization.

The movie ATL was filmed there. Big Gee of Boyz n da Hood was born and lives there.

Atlanta Public Schools serves Mechanicsville. Neighborhood Charter School serves Mechanicsville.

Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System operates the Mechanicsville Branch

The primary neighborhood organization is the Mechanicsville Civic Association. This group works closely with SUMMECH, the local CDC, to develop and implement strategies for revitalization of the neighborhood.


In the film ATL, the main characters, Rashad (played by rapper T.I.) and Ant (played by actor Evan Ross), both lived in Mechanicsville.



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