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West End Trivia

  • Settled in 1835, the original name of the West End was White Hall (after the White Hall Inn); it was renamed in 1867 after London’s theatre district.
  • White Hall Inn, located on the corner of Lee Street and Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, was so named because it was painted white when most buildings of the time were unpainted.
  • White Hall Inn was also the stagecoach shop, tavern, post office and home of the 503rd Militia district, as well as the election precinct.
  • West End officially became a part of Atlanta on January 1, 1894.
  • The West End District was the first locally designated historic district in the City of Atlanta.
  • The layout of the original West End was a main street and adjacent grid pattern streets; three right turns and you were back where you started
  • Outkast made their public debut at Club Fritz, in West End.
  • In the successful play Madea Goes to Jail by Tyler Perry, Madea refers to the West End twice; first she says she lives in the West End, then says to the “country pimp” to try to cross Lee street or come to the 4200 block of Avon Avenue. (however this is actually Oakland City)



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