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Where is Nia??

Can you believe I was stuck in Grand Rapids MI and then Chicago for days?  ……………..It’s true.  Long story short- went on a trip to Grand Rapids (How do people live in that cold?  This is the same thing I said when I lived in New York!) Then when I was due to return, there was a snow storm…I haven’t seen that much snow in about 6 years and it was not welcomed! I’m so glad to be home and enjoying every bit of our sun and bright days.  It was  ‘gray’ in MI – but the lodge I stayed in was beautiful. Very serene lake front property.  (I’ll add a picture of this later) ..

The homes were gorgeous, set within a wooded lot- I almost considered leaving the city for a more suburban environment until I was stranded. LOL… that knocked some sense into me.  I don’t know. I do like the scenery, serenity and the beauty of the suburbs but I can not be dependent on my vehicle.  Is this a control issue? LOL

Also, I will never fly into Chicago again…can you believe they do not have FREE WI-FI? What’s up with that?

 I will have to catch up on the latest West End happenings and will report back. Did you see the water feature being added to park within Rose Circle?  Me either, just heard about it- will check that out too. Some really amazing things are happening…I’m back  right in time…


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