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Seeking Section 8 Housing?

Check out this free non-profit public site made just for you: http://www.socialserve.com/index.html You can also find housing locally here: https://www.georgiahousingsearch.org/HowToServiceProviders.html

GREEN Weekend:Most Americans Want Eco-Friendly Homes

By: Deidre Woollard on Realtor.com  Eco-friendly homes have gone mainstream: most people would trade in their swimming pools for Energy Star appliances and CFL lighting, according to our survey of realtor.com users. The desire to be eco-friendly has increased dramatically in recent years. We may commemorate Earth Day in April but many people make a concerted effort […]

New Affordable Housing Becomes Reality: Atlanta BeltLine – Reynoldstown Crossing

NEW AFFORDABLE HOUSING BECOMES A REALITY ON THE ATLANTA BELTLINE WITH LOFTS AT REYNOLDSTOWN CROSSING Down Payment Assistance And Low Monthly Payments on New Two-Bedroom Lofts For Those Making Under $68,000Early Registrants Will Increase Their Chances of Being Chosen in The Drawing of Less Than 30 Homes on Saturday, December 10. ATLANTA — As part […]

Is Renting Still the Better Deal?

“Renting is the cheaper way to go!” Is this widely believed “fact” still true?  According to the latest research, renters spend 5% more on housing than home owners.  To find out why it’s more logical to just buy a home, rather than rent, and how the times have changed, visit Renters Outspend Owners on Housing.

Housing Tax Incentives Benefit Young Owners the Most

Housing tax incentives mostly benefit younger households, according to research from the National Association of Home Builders. The average mortgage interest deduction peaks for taxpayers in the 35 to under-45 age group, followed by the 18 to 34 aged taxpayers, and declines as the taxpayer gets older, according to the research. “Any tampering with this […]

Buying Is a Good Investment, If You Choose Right

Pessimists are implying that the housing market will never get any better and housing will always be a lousy investment. Are they right? Of course not, say experts at the Motley Fool finance Web site. In fact, the Fools predict that pretty soon housing will be a great investment because prices will have fallen to […]

Suburban Growth: Ending or Taking a Break?

Some housing trend spotters believe that America’s love affair with sprawling suburbs has ended. “What we’re already seeing is these new, very cheaply made suburbs showing how little resilience they have to economic fluctuations. I see them becoming not only more desperate, I see them becoming potentially nonviable,” says Jeff Speck, an urban planner and […]

McCain, Obama Solidify Stands on Housing

Both presidential candidates have announced plans to help voters deal with the challenging housing economy. Here are their ideas as posted on their election websites: Sen. John McCain: Direct assistance to homeowners. No taxpayer money should go to real estate speculators who made bad decisions about investments. Reform financial and lending systems to prevent a […]

***FHA, Downpayment 411***

Earlier today President Bush signed into law a number of very significant changes that will occur starting October 1st. Please read these changes as they affect all of us and our Home buying abilities. Details of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act are as follows:  The two items in bold will have the greatest immediate […]