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Your support is needed!!!..

Dear Community, Please add the below information to your schedule. We must attend this sentencing. It is not enough for the few members of our community to speak on our behalf, nor is it enough to have our Community Prosecutors carry the burden of defending our communities against repeat offenders on their own. Our presence, […]

Multi-Jurisdictional Burglary Task

Fulton County district Attorney,Fulton County Sheriff,and Police Chiefs of Fulton County as announces and celebrated the formation of the Fulton County Multi-Jurisdictional Burglary Task Force on Monday March 15,2010 .

Security Cameras; Neighborhood Watch

Intown South West communities ban together, fight and reclaim their neighborhoods!   Security Camera’s, the hot topic and weapon of choice, are working in conjunction with  faithful “granny in the window” techniques to help deter crime and police catch a thief.  While some remain skeptical of the new technology being introduced, others welcome with open arms.  All agree […]

Invite from Friends of Washington Park (FoWP)

Greetings from the Friends of Washington Park!   Friends of Washington Park (FoWP) is a volunteer organization formed in 2007 with the goal of supporting Washington Park. FoWP is working to promote a public space which improves the quality of life through safe, clean, and well-maintained green space and high quality facilities.   On August […]

Neighborhood Watch

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending “Block Captain’s Training” /Neighborhood Watch Training at City Hall East. The facilitator is Director Juanita Mention-Smith. The training is a joint effort between Councilwoman Cleta Winslow and the Community Service Unit of the Atlanta Police Department. While I will not bore you with the many raw details and […]