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Small Cool…

I think my house is too big. I know I could never imagine thinking this, when I was in my smaller ranch home but, while sweeping the upstairs hall and discovering dust balls in places I haven’t been in weeks, I felt drained. Not drained from the amount of work I had to do to keep […]

McCain, Obama Solidify Stands on Housing

Both presidential candidates have announced plans to help voters deal with the challenging housing economy. Here are their ideas as posted on their election websites: Sen. John McCain: Direct assistance to homeowners. No taxpayer money should go to real estate speculators who made bad decisions about investments. Reform financial and lending systems to prevent a […]

6 Web Sites That Make Decorating Fun

For many people, one of the most fun parts about buying a home is redecorating it. Most of these sites are trying to sell products, but they are free to use and could give new home owners some good ideas. DesignMyRoom.com– This is a sophisticated and complex site. It opens with a series of brief […]