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Toasting for Tips

Fighting Crime One Party at a Time….
The Atlanta Police Foundation is sponsoring a night of parties dedicated to Crime Stoppers Atlanta. On January 31, 2009, members of the Atlanta community are taking a personal interest in helping to fight crime. Community members are being asked to host small events in their homes or neighborhoods to raise awareness of and funds for Crime Stoppers Atlanta.
Invitations and Invitees
Once you commit to a date for hosting a Toasting for Tips event, the Atlanta Police Foundation will provide an invitation template. Of course, you are more than welcome to be creative and provide your own invitation. This is a fundraising event relying on personal touches. Therefore it is recommended that even if you send hard copy invitations, you call and personally ask your guest to attend your Crime Stoppers Atlanta awareness and fundraising party. The number of guests is chosen by you. It is up to you whether you host a small party in your home or pair up with several hosts to put on a much larger affair!
Night of the Party For your party, the Atlanta Police Foundation will provide:
Crime Stoppers materials for your party: DVD, brochures, and speaking points. The Atlanta Police Foundation also will work with you to coordinate a speaker for your event. Of course the Atlanta Police Foundation is happy to help if have any questions or need anything else. Décor, food, and drinks are at the host’s discretion. Suggestions include a cocktail reception or cheese and wine tasting. Have fun with the theme “Toasting for Tips.” Ultimate Goal The ultimate goal of these parties is to raise funds for the Crime Stoppers Atlanta program. Before your guests leave your party, we hope that they will give a donation.
Host Responsibilities : Develop invitation list and personally invite guests , Personal follow-up phone call to invitees , Provide the décor, food & drinks, Present the Crime Stoppers Atlanta program at your party , Make an “ask” for financial support of the program
APF Responsibilities : Provide invitation template for event ,Provide Crime Stoppers Atlanta materials for your party , Other support as needed
For more information or to commit to hosting a Toasting for Tips event, please contact Stephanie Guthrie at 404.586-0180 or sguthrie@atlantapolicefoundation.org.


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