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GREEN Topic: Moisture Management for Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Technology Snapshot & Benefits: You can increase comfort and save money by mindfully managing the moisture content of the air in your home. Humans are most comfortable at a relative humidity of 50%, plus or minus 10%. Relative humidity is the amount of moisture that air contains relative to the maximum amount that it could contain (at […]

Tight Inventory of Homes to Buy Leads to Dip in Home Sales

By: Dona DeZube Published: February 23, 2015 January’s dicey weather usually makes it a volatile month for home sales. But this year, rising home prices and tightening inventory led to a dip in the number of homes sold nationally. Existing home sales dropped a bit in January, but properties were still selling at a brisker […]

GREEN Topic: Natural Daylighting

Technology Snapshot & Benefits: Both obvious and hidden economic savings come from building designs that rely on natural lighting. Throughout much of the day, owners and occupants can easily benefit from natural lighting and avoid electrical consumption otherwise required by artificial indoor lamps. Not so obviously, considerable economic gain may be achieved through increased productivity of […]

GREEN Topic: Landscaping – Shade Trees and Windbreaks

Technology Snapshot & Benefits: Perhaps the most pleasant economic savings can be derived from judicious and mindful planting of trees and shrubs. The value of traditional plantings serving as windbreaks is well known. Additionally, well-placed deciduous trees can shade a building during hot summer months yet allow warming sunshine to enter a building when warmth is […]