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What did we do before the Internet?

Being 37, it seems that I have lived my entire life with the Internet.  I can vividly hear the dial up and connection of my modem (eagerly ready to make use of the 25 free Internet hours offered from disk #10 by AOL) – bringing the world into my living room.

Foreign Cities and Countries intrigued me.  Italy, India and Spain were my favorite. I re-read their history to see if it would differ from Compton Encyclopedia’s or what I learned in school.  Sadly, never did I want to read about American History.

Today- living in Atlanta, the city I vowed to NEVER return to(…a story for another day) I find local information more fascinating than any other.

Over the next few weeks, with the help of Wiki- I will share some of this with you.  Please note- all of the history is not “pretty” – and it is HISTORY.  These are  being shared for information purposes and the fascination of it all.

The topic of these posts will be: Former neighborhoods, districts and settlements of Atlanta, Georgia

Source: Wikipedia

As you know, Wikipedia is a Free Encyclopedia with contributions from renown historians to average people like myself.  Area West Realty does not endorse, validate or discredit anything provided – again, this is being shared for information purposes only. The writing and views are those of the authors.

I hope you’ll enjoy these tidbits as much as I do!


#1 Former neighborhoods, districts and settlements of Atlanta, Georgia


Darktown was an African-American neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. It stretched from Peachtree Street and Collins Street (now Courtland Street), past Butler Ave. (now Jesse Hill Jr. Ave.) to Jackson Street. It referred to the blocks above Auburn Avenue in what is now Downtown Atlanta and the Sweet Auburn neighborhood. Darktown was characterized in the 1930s as a “hell-hole of squalor, degradation, sickness, crime and misery”.

The term “darktown” was also used generically in Atlanta and the rest of the South to refer to African-American districts. It is used as such in the title of the famous song Darktown Strutters’ Ball.


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