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Some giants seem too large for a small person like me to fight (or even be in it’s presence).  I WANT to be a concerned, informed and ACTIVE citizen- but on the other hand, I think I should stick to my own small world. Worry about such things as building my Real Estate business…. grow some tomatoes (since food prices have gone up)… play in my yard with my dog (well, maybe not this one- I don’t like dogs but I could grow to like him since even this looks more appealing than community work at the present time).  Unfortunately, God did not create me like that. 

See below, a letter from a Councilmember of District 9.

Dear Constituents and Friends:

           Let me start this email with a sincere apology to you all.  You elect and entrust us to be your representatives, to provide quality service and be the steward of your tax dollars.  Despite that fact, you have garnered from news reports, the City of Atlanta is in a financial crisis.

            The Mayor caused a Reduction In Force on yesterday which is expected to continue through Monday of over 400 filled positions and hundreds of vacant positions.  Some of you may have caught news reports on Wednesday where I participated in a news conference with some of my colleagues.  My simple message was to let the public and employees know that the Council was not consulted or nor consented to the layoffs.  Our additional concern is that some personnel decisions that have been made effectively set policy, prior to our review/consent.

            While there is much to be said about this dismal situation, I need you to be aware of actions underway that will have an immediate impact on the delivery of your city services:

· Eliminate NPU planner’s meeting attendance

· Reduction in Code Enforcement Officers

· Shift to bi-weekly collection of recyclables and yard trimmings

· Reduction of mostly all city Department’s support staffing (incl. Police, Fire, Corrections)

· Reduction in Court Operations (incl. Solicitor’s and Public Defender Offices)

· Reductions in the Bureau of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs (i.e., Recreation Center closings)

· Reductions in the Bureau of Buildings, Planning, Public Works, Finance, Law, Executive and other offices

Please note, that there may be other service impacts as a result.  I will keep you informed of additional details.

             Finally, you have probably heard through the media that the Mayor wants to raise an additional $40 million dollars to close the budget gap with a property tax increase.  The excepted impact to individual property owners is not available at this time, again I will let you know when the information becomes available.  The Council will be deliberating on all of these issues. 

HERE ( final1 )  is a schedule of the Budget Hearings that are broadcasted LIVE on Comcast Channel 26. 


Felicia A. Moore

Councilmember, District 9

Atlanta City Council

55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 2900

Atlanta, GA 30303


Nia Knowles

Realtor, Community Advocate, Mother, Leader, Innovative Thinker, Idea Generator,

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