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West End of Atlanta, Merchant Corridors- what’s your vision?

Can I say enough great things about the West End?  

I’m sure you’ve heard them all: Affordability, Walkability, Beltline, Marta, Historic homes with fabulous historic detailing that can not be matched in a new home- (you can add the fireplace but not the coal story behind it)…. and shall I mention the diverse neighbors? I can eat Raw Veggie’s, West and East Indian , BBQ Ribs- Mac/Cheese and have a  Hot Tamale or homemade Ice Cream all within a 1mile radius.

However, with all THIS- (and much more) we are still slow gaining our finial piece- a popping Merchants Corridor.  So what say you?  What’s YOUR vision for the merchant corridors in the West End of Atlanta Communities (Historic West End, Westview, Beecher Donnelly)? 

When I told a few associates of our new West End address- 852 Evans St across from Krispy Kreme- I received more than a few ‘raised eye brows’ and blank stares.   Even I had to wonder about the foot traffic and if obtaining the space would be worth the expense.  But why not?   The Westside is my home- and I’ve committed to helping in the development and restoration of this side, it only makes sense to have a central office here.  I’m also very tired of patronizing other community coffee shops out of necessity.  I am still working on my space and purchased my speciality coffee brewer 🙂 – I’m super happy…but also realize, this does not solve our  merchant challenge.  Now, not only must I be on a “new  home buyer” recruiter,I must also be on a  “new merchants” recruiting mission!

Good thing I’m not alone. We actually have a very active Merchants Coalition working with the city to obtain special permits, special abatments  and what we all are most concerned about- more public safety initiatives for this area.

Check them out HERE.


Nia Knowles

Realtor, Community Advocate, Mother, Leader, Innovative Thinker, Idea Generator,

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